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We Enable your IoT business

Iomote devices + Cloud Platform are the building blocks for your connected applications. Don't struggle with hardware, we deliver plug-and-play solutions designed around real-world vertical applications. Zero investment, start your IoT business today with Iomote.

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The whole IoT Value chain


Plug-n-play devices to connect
any thing to the Cloud.


A powerful dashboard to manage
your devices and projects.


Any professional IoT application
is at your fingertips.


Become a hero of the
4th industrial revolution.

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We are glad to show you a demo for free. Contact us and we can organize a 30 min demo onsite or via Skype call.

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Our IoT devices are certified to connect to Microsoft Azure out of the box.
A Cloud for Smart Things is not just a simple database: you need services, intelligence, big data analisys and more. Everything is available on Azure and plus the ease of the Microsoft programming tools.