We enable professional IoT and Industry 4.0

Iomote offers a range of solutions to connect your products,
machines or assets to added value services on the Cloud.

Get your unfair advantage on 4.0: optimize your business,
innovate and differentiate from competitors.

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Key Benefits

Industrial-grade security

Security is a major concern for 85% of the companies approaching IoT.
This is a priority for us, so all our devices are compliant with the highest industrial-grade security standards

Data are yours

IoT is all about data: machines and processes spread data over the Cloud. Our policy is clear: data are yours only, our devices are talking to your own istance of Microsoft Azure.


We know you are in rush and you don't want to duplicate investments.
Thanks to our devices we can be your partner on pilot projects and when things scale to mass volume.

No need for IoT SysAdmin

Hackers target the IoT devices, but with Iomote you avoid these problems. We provide a continuos upgrade as a service to keep devices aligned with the latest security standard.

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All our products passed the Microsoft Azure certification procedure. It guarantees our customers about security and seamless integration with the Azure Ecosystem that includes tools, services and analytics.