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Our turnkey solutions designed around vertical needs are empowering businesses everyday.

Asset tracking

Keeping under control valuable assets or providing added value services to customers is a key in the modern logistic industry.

Our TrackMote with its internal GPS and sensors (temperature, motion, vibration) is applied at vehicle or carton level to provide realtime data.

Food monitoring

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets are required to record the parameters of fridges where food is stocked up to 6 times a day. This is time consuming and risky, since everything is on the hands of the operators.

With TrackMote is easy to create an automated and cloud-connected solution with local sensors on each measure point.

Vending, Machines and Serial retrofitting

Machines producers need to connect their products to the Cloud, but the only available interface is an old-style serial port

No problem with us: SerialMote is our retrofitting solution that allows you to connect a serial port to the Cloud without any problem. We embed your machine protocol into SerialMote and the magic happens.

Processes under control

Business processes are strongly influenced by physical parameters such as vibrations, temperature, humidity, electrical energy and other parameters, involved in any industrial process.

With TrackMote the real-time wireless measuring is possible. And on Microsoft Azure Cloud there's enough power to create dashboards, applications or predictive maintenance routines.

Smart Greenhouses

The agriculture is one of the first industries to embrace IoT technologies, as it is sensible for the resources saving. 

Measuring is the first step for saving. With our devices it is possible to measure wirelessly the air/ground temperature, humidity and other important parameters.

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