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We like to say that today the number of slides talking about IoT is way bigger than the number of the connected devices. It's clear that there's a media-fueled hype so we decided to stand from the crowd and to go for a pragmatic approach, because your business is not made of presentations, right?

Our Free 4.0 Checkup is the best way to understand if your company, products and processes may be positively impacted by the IoT. During this phase we collect information about your business and relying on our experience we give you an immediate feedback.
We can also give you a free advice about a new business model you may have in mind about your business, because remember that producs are becoming services, that's a fact.

The 4.0 checkup is made of:
YOU: My company is.....we believe that....
YOU: Our product is provides these interfaces.....
YOU: Our competitors are......
WE: Your 4.0 business case is successful (Yes/No)
WE: The most optimized technical solution for your case is.....
WE: Questions?

Our main business is not consultancy, we don't sell our time. So we are interested like you to work only on projects that are virtually successful. No you undestand why we give this consultancy for free.

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