Data are only the beginning

Most of the Cloud platforms for IoT on the market are no more than a simple database. Their security level is way too far from being industrial-grade.
The IoT is not just data: companies need complex data analysis, artificial intelligence and advanced algorhythms.

These are the reasons why we decided that the best backend for our devices is Microsoft Azure:
Fully managed service
Pay as you go
126 data centers on 26 countries
Compatible with the well-known Microsoft development tools
A growing range of ready-to-use and applications

Applications and Integration

Today business software is complex. Companies are made of hundreds of different tools and data coming from different areas. We know this and we are ready to integrate IoT data coming from the field with your ERP or even CRM.
We also make IoT data available to your employee, manager or even customers delivering powerful applications on web or mobile.
Any IoT makes sense if provides a tangible benefit and the benefit may be amplified by a well-done user interface. Making complex things easy and beautiful is our challenge.

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