Ready-to-use devices for professional IoT

We design and produce a whole range of ready-to-use devices made to solve IoT challenges in the professional market.
Our products are able to read any hardware sensors, to execute rules, data logging or advanced scripts created on the Cloud. Just enter your Microsoft Azure account and the device is online, ready to use.
Industryal-grate security, OTA, top-notch encryption are onboard since we know how critical are these aspects for professionals like you.

Standalone, real-time and ready-to-use
Microsoft Azure Certified (IoT Hub)
Easily scale to volumes
TLS 1.2 security, MQTT protocol
OTA by default (over-the-air firmware upgrade)
White label on request

TrackMote - GPS tracker with sensors

TrackMote is the most flexible solution for professional tracking and sensing applications.
Natively connected to Microsoft Azure and provided with internal GPS and sensors, it is the right starter kit for your IoT projects.

No firmware programming needed: TrackMote runs a powerful datalogging engine that can be managed in any programming language through simple APIs on Azure.

Datasheet: Download

  • 3G Cellular connectivity
  • SIM card and data plan included
  • GPS positioning module onboard
  • Temperature sensor
  • Motion/Vibration sensor
  • Battery powered
  • Industrial temperature range
  • OTA and security upgrade

SerialMote - RS232, RS485, ModBus

This is a perfect solution to retrofit machines that are provided with little or no-intelligence onboard and a simple serial communication. SerialMote is able to talk to any serial machine even with a custom protocol or ModBus RTU.

Iomote provides a specific software driver to let SerialMote speak seamlessly with your machine.

Datasheet: Download

  • 3G Cellular connectivity
  • SIM card and data plan included
  • 1 RS232 port
  • 1 RS485 port
  • Modbus RTU
  • Specific serial drivers on request
  • Industrial temperature range
  • OTA and security upgrade

CoreMote - Industrial IoT 4.0 module

This module is the core of all our products. It's the smallest and lowest cost solution that allows to add IoT to any machine or product. It is ready-to-use and designed to be scale.
CoreMote may be programmed by us to fit your needs such as the retrofitting of non-IoT products.

Professional IoT is not just connectivity, but a range of features that CoreMotes contains out-of-the-box: device security (TLS), device provisioning, OTA, SIM with a worldide data plan and more.

  • 3G Cellular connectivity
  • SIM card and data plan included
  • 32 bit ARM microcontroller onboard
  • UART, Analog and Digital IO, SPI, I2C
  • Industrial temperature range
  • CE certified
  • Microsoft Azure Certified
  • OTA and security upgrade

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