4.0 is a revolution, not just evolution

Wirelessly connected product is the way where businesses are going. 4.0 enables machines to monitor and optimize themselves and even the old logistics processes can now monitor themselves. Sensors make it possible to track the location and condition of machines and vehicles in realtime, worldwide. Iomote develops, delivers and mantain end-to-end-solutions and optimized connected devices that enable new business models and innovation.
We help companies to evolve and to compete in the 4.0 world that not just global, it's hyper-connected and everything happens in real-time.

Our turnkey projects are made of:
The perfect architecture
Optimized, certified and secure connected devices
Security, now and tomorrow (means upgrades)
A backend that's always UP: we trust Microsoft Azure
Applications: web or mobile
Integrations: yes there's lot of legacy software out there

A project is not made overnight, but since we have lot of vertical solutions as starting point we beat our competitors on time and costs. An example: we can deliver a project in 4-6 months while our competitors needs at least 12.

Common benefits of a 4.0 solution:
Reduced maintenance cost
Save resources and energy
Improve product/equipment efficiency
Optimized planning of maintenance
Optimized logistics processes
Remote monitoring
New business models
Competitive advantage

Your competitors are already moving to 4.0
The opportunity is now

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