Things are the easiest target for hackers

Yes, because connected things are normally designed by people who were great at embedded, but they have absolutely no clue about cybersecurity.Hackers knows this and everyday they are targeting more and more devices.

But none of your things will be hacked. Why? Because you use Iomote solutions and we know how to handle cybersecurity even on a low cost microcontroller.
Iomote devices are certified for Microsoft Azure that means to pass all the severe security checks that Microsoft is imposing to anybody willing to connect to their cloud.

But even more, we designed our devices in way that we have 2 separate parts:
- Application Processor
- Cloud Bridge

The Cloud Bridge is in charge of connecting in safe way to the cloud while the Application Processor is processing sensors, busses and so on. The Cloud Bridge is in charge of security and since security protocols evolve we made it upgradable. We are in charge of doing this, but we can't control your devices since we take seriosly your data ownership. So we provide updates and then from your Azure account you will be able to upgrade some or all your devices on the field.

Maybe you were looking for a turnkey solution?

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