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Add Remote Control and Telemetry to your products

Iomote offers end-to-end solutions to add M2M/IoT/4.0/Telemetry to any professional product. We transform any product into its "4.0 digital twin" to make it immediately accessible on the cloud and to integrate its data into business applications.

The base of our offering is X400 smart gateway provided with Lan or 3G connectivity. It's a flexible device able to interface any machine via serial, ModBus, RS485 or simple I/O.
Our solution includes also Mymote cloud platform to manage devices from anywhere: provisioning, security, alerting, software updates etc.
Data coming from the devices on the field are visualized on Web Dashboards or on tailor made Applications.

IoT "As A Service"

Iomote solutions are offered on a monthly subscription model, per device, that includes everything: device, SIM, Cloud, Data and Applications.
In this way our customers avoid the risk and the investment, allowing their business to grow in a linear way (OpEx instead of CapEx). Our competitors are trying to push customers with consultancy, complex cloud infrastructures, high priced devices that are not designed for the IoT. Not us, we prefer to offer just the most optimized solution and ready to use.

Leveraging on our solutions our customers saved:
- 18 months time to market
- R&D investments (development, tooling and certifications)
- The management of complex cloud infrastructures
- Headaches about security and updates

Gateway X400 (Lan/3G)

X400 is our flexible gateway that allows to connect to the Cloud in realtime any device or machine. It is available with Lan or cellular connectivity, including a Data SIM.
X400 has been "certified for Microsoft Azure" to be compliant to the highest security standards.

Iomote Core

It's the main processor that manages the connectivity to the Cloud (MQTT, Lan and Cellular) and the security (TLS 1.2). It acts as a "postman" for the App processor.

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App Processor

It's the second processor in charge of running the specific application.
It's able to interface with sensors, manage communication protocols such as RS232/485/ModBus etc.

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Why connected is better?

To transform products into services. To explore new business models. To integrate data from the field with MES/CRM and other applications. To improve efficiency through faster and data-driven decision

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Kickstart: get a PoC in 8 weeks

We help customers from the first steps delivering professional proof of concept up and running in less than 8 weeks.

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Plug-and-Play HW

Machines are speaking different languages, but what you need are data to make decisions.
Iomote devices are flexible enough to interface any serial protocol, analog and digital I/O and more.

Powered by Azure

Mymote platform is running on Microsoft Azure to guarantee the max reliability and security.
Iomote devices are "Certified for Microsoft Azure" respecting the highest security standards.

Secure, always

You may be aware that a device that is secure today can't be secure also tomorrow. Iomote customers have no problems since Iomote provides continuos security upgrades and patches.

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